Jewelry Care

Preserve the beauty of your exquisite jewelry by following these care guidelines:

Perfume Caution: Refrain from spraying perfume directly on the necklace. The harsh chemicals in perfumes can tarnish and diminish the luster of the metal.

Post-Wear Ritual: After each wear, gently rub the necklace with a soft cotton cloth. This helps to remove any accumulated oils or residues, keeping the piece looking its best.

Storage Wisdom: Store your necklace in a dedicated jewelry box to protect it from dust and environmental factors. However, avoid using velvet-lined boxes, as the material can potentially cause tarnishing.

Avoid Sweat and Perfumes: Remember that sweat and perfumes are the adversaries of jewelry. Prolonged exposure to sweat can lead to tarnishing, while perfumes can have corrosive effects on the metal. Be mindful to keep your jewelry away from these elements to maintain its longevity and shine